Mar 01

Wow, I don’t even remember the last time I worked on KC LAN, but now that the site is working again, I guess it only makes sense to start filling up the Database again.  I mean adding games, and what not to it may actually get the site back on its feet again.  The site is so out dated when I went to work on it it still had Yahoo! Ads on it… yeah, just let that sink in for a minute.  I don’t know when Yahoo! shut down their ad service, but it was around the same time Bing was launched… or maybe even a ways before.  So yes, I have slacked off on the site, and there is no one to blame but myself.  Good news is that that is all behind us, and things are looking up!  When I fill out the database a little bit, then we can start moving forward on other projects I have been slowly working on.  Who knows, one day I may even get back to making money with my sites.

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Feb 28

Well, after 2 years and nothing being done… because I had no motivation, or idea of what to do with KC LAN.  All the major LAN’s in the area are gone… I may get something more creative up, for for now I just got the old site up and running.  That means no more broken site!  Which is good, I would of just dropped KC LAN, but it is the main email address that I have hung onto for years, so who knows I may have to keep it around for a while longer, and it may as well work huh?  Yeah, the old computer gaming and what not was dead in me for a while, but since my son has been getting into Portal and the Half-Life universe I’ve been a bit re-inspired and it is good to have a place for that in my life.  Now some work needs to be done to it, and maybe, just maybe I can start making money from gaming again, of course I’m not looking at making tons of money or anything, just enough to pay for itself… then maybe for some upgrades to the computer ;-) Plus once Google Fiber is hooked up here I can run a server from my house… I may even start hosting a CS:GO server and see if I can’t get a group together.

Also, as a side note, is available… after 5 years of waiting out the bastards who gobble up domains and just hang onto them without doing anything I may actually finally be able to get a better domain… then that is what I will build the community website on.

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Jun 22

Well, YourVacuumGuy has been mostly updated… the admin pages could still use a little work, and aside from no one else being able to register the idea of security is a joke at best :-P Anyways, the site has been updated and is getting ready to roll… A little bit of update release information (you know, like I’m doing now) and I think that I will get things moving forward fairly well. The big new thing for YourVacuumGuy is the blog I’ve also updated the home page a bit, but there’s not much to go on for that… I just reigned the page in a little bit, and reactivated some of the money maker stuff that used to be active.

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Feb 24

We’re moving to a new server! This will give us better performance (much needed as some of my new sites have been stressing the server) and with 1and1’s new option to sign a 2 year contract to save $20 a month on your server it will in the end save us quite a bit monthly! :-D Very exciting, moving the sites in order alphabetically, so this should be moved tonight or so.

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Jan 03

Just working on getting some things rolling. My prime directive will still be in getting plenty of code written, but of course in the meantime I must also keep up with all of my blogs… which includes this one ;-)

And while I type this Connor is watching a show about buses riding rainbows :-P Anyways, I’ve got plenty of other stuff to get done around here, and with my other blogs so we’ll be doing just fine so long as I keep on rolling everything should be riding well.

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Dec 14

So I’ve got Google Fiber now living in Kansas City (yes, you may be jealous), and as a web developer that provides me with a number of opportunities! For example, I used to pay several hundred dollars a month to rent my web servers. Those servers connected at 100mb/s 1/10th what Google Fiber runs, and the servers didn’t have anywhere near the processing power of the server I’ve built here at my house. This was all well and good until the power went out one day. I’ve got battery backups, and even a generator. This is something that renting a server provided that I never really had to think about. I knew going in that this could/would likely be a problem at some point in time, I just didn’t quite grasp how much of a hassle it would end up being. Storing gas for long periods of time requires treatment, and periodic maintenance, plus you’ve got to buy premium fuel so that when it degrades it is still up to the level that you might expect of low grade gas still. Then after running the generator I’ve got to get it cleaned out and dried up before I can store it again. So I looked for an easier alternative, I wanted natural gas or propane

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Aug 21

Last night I was finishing up some clean up work on my code for my first app to sell on and I put a 0 instead of a 1 for a validation check (basically saying if this person has permission to do this BAN THEM, instead of if this person does not have permission ban them.)

So when I went to check my code and run this sequence it sends me to be banned… crazy thing though, I was doing this under the “superAdmin” account… and the banning page has a validation check that says “if the person being banned is the superAdmin ban the user attempting to ban them instead” well… I was the superAdmin… banning the superAdmin so it sent me into a perpetual loop of DOOM where it’s like “Oh so you think you’re clever trying to ban the superAdmin, well DOOM ON YOU, instead you shall be banned! No you cannot ban this user! Get banned for your crimes!” and over and over 10billion times.

My hard drive array shot up in activity going from basically dormant to maxed out, my CPU goes from 2-3% usage to 75% use, and the amount of RAM used just creeps up slowly. I mean we’re talking about a script loop that takes up all of 5 bytes running over, and over, and over again so much that it starts filling in 16GB of RAM.

I kinda had a Homer Simpson moment, screamed to myself and frantically began trying to shut down the server!

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May 11

Chaotic Good

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I am Chaotic Good, and my wife is Lawful Good. The two designations work together in a way that we couldn’t get by without one another. While opposites attract, you can’t be too opposite. I don’t believe in Neutral in this world, but Good and Evil do not mix… but if you have two lawful, or two chaotic people in the same relationship then you can run into troubles as well. She keeps me structured, helps me with the forms, and files that I hate to mess with, I remind her to take an unplanned day off every once in a while. My chaotic nature makes it very difficult to hold down a job, some times I wish that I had not screwed with my job at Viacom, I could still do most of that from home while keeping an eye on Connor. Most of what I do now feels like it is dwindling down to nothing. My sites feel that way and everything else I work with. Granted the summer is coming and warmer weather always means far fewer people online… I guess the key is to keep focused on the future. Future for this year is to keep everything going smooth through Christmas time, if the sites don’t pick up for that… well I may go down to a very light package that only costs me a couple dollars a month to run until I get AnimationCoalition all together.

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May 03

As a Christian I know that the last “job” God gave to Adam, and thus metaphorically to mankind was to “Tame the earth.” That’s a pretty simple statement, but holds some very specific commands in it. First and foremost, taming requires advancing, and changing technology… but for some reason this gets interpreted by most Christians as “The way God created the earth in the garden of Eden was perfect, do not allow anyone to advance technology beyond hunter gatherer societies.” Which makes me go “Whaaaa?!?!?!?!”

Secondly, taming the earth was a directive given to Adam BEFORE sin entered the world… but even before sin entered the world not only did God essentially say “Hey this planet I’ve given you is not finished… I want us to finish it together.” but the idea of taming something also implies that it will resist, the earth, even without sin in it was going to FIGHT BACK! And because the task was for both Man and God to tame the earth side by side… this world was created to fight against God Himself. Trust me, this earth doesn’t need you to fight against those who are DNA programmed to tame it… it will fight back against them itself.

This thought came specifically from several Christian Foodies I follow. I have yet to see someone with a sensible diet though. It’s sort of a trend, that goes beyond Christians, but with the Paleo Diet, and the Makers Diet (basically the same thing as the Paleo Diet, just also based on Biblical principles about eating). These people fight battles with an ignorance that is rather astonishing… for example, saying GMO’s are bad. Are most GMO’s bad? Yes, Montasanto and others use GMO’s in a way that is not only bad for our health, but could create a global famine unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. However, GMO’s could also hugely improve our health, and reduce hunger in the world. For example, purple cauliflower is a GMO breed of cauliflower where a dormant gene that allows the cauliflower to produce anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is the active ingredient found in Elderberries that is a very potent anti-bacterial capable of destroying the flu virus. This could save thousands, potentially millions of lives in third world countries. All because of a dormant gene, that in recorded history has never been seen active in any variety of Cauliflower. To me that sounds like an amazing scavenger hunt put into play at the beginning of time by our Creator.

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Apr 26

Well I wore out yet another membrane keyboard… and while they do have their advantages, especially since I’ve got a rambunctious 4 year old running around the house, often making messes (membrane keyboards are more waterproof than mechanical keyboards, Logitech has an especially effective design that keeps the electronics very well protected). But I think that the advantages of a mechanical switch keyboard far outstrips those of a membrane keyboard. I’m experiencing some of them now, with the very light clicky keystrokes that make typing an absolute joy! I do miss my ergonomic keyboard, but I do not miss the crazy amount of room that it occupied on my desk… it’s nice being able to keep everything on the desk at once without conflict, or falling into my space. I’m still not fully acclimated to this keyboard yet, I tend to toss the keys all the way to the bottom of their stroke path, but you only have to go half way down to activate the switch… that will be something that I will have to learn to deal with. I will also have to get used to the soft touch, it’s nice, but not being used to it sometimes I press keys that I did not mean to… as a bonus it does seem that I am able to type for longer without wearing out fighting the keys all the way. I’d still like to mess with my desk and get an actual keyboard tray… a lower keyboard closer to me would be awesome ;-) I think that and some padding on this seat would complete my setup to be optimized for the best ergonomics while still being versatile enough that I can race with my racing games when the mood strikes.

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